188 (Ipswich) Squadron

Ipswich Air Cadets are based in their own building at the TA Centre on Yarmouth Road. The staff are all very much young-at-heart and are highly motivated to delivering opportunities to 12 to 20 year olds, male or female, in a whole range of activities from flying to adventure training and power boating.

We hold parade nights twice a week. On a Monday cadets typically progress through the ATC training syllabus and practice drill, whereas Wednesday nights are devoted to the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, sports, adventure training and a variety of other activities. Both parade nights run from 1900hrs to 2130hrs (7pm - 9:30pm).

As well as parade nights Ipswich cadets have many annual camps, which involve trips to Wales, Dorset and even exhanges to some countries further afield. These enable cadets to improve their adventure training skills, such as navigation. 

There are both gliding and flying courses available, with opportunities to recieve a scholarship in both. There are also many opportunities for rifle shooting on indoor or outdoor ranges. The squadron also has many sports available including rudby, football, swimming, hockey and netball.

After learning the basics of drill, cadets are given their uniform (blues on Monday, greens on a Wednesday) and enrolled. After this, cadets have to pay subs (£35.00 every quarter), which goes towards funding the ATC and the running and functioining of the Squadron.

Whether you want to stay as a cadet or move up the ranks and become staff, being a member of 188 (Ipswich) Squadron is one opportunity you don't want to miss.



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