On the 22nd of February 2016, 188 (Ipswich) Squadron held their annual presentation evening. This was a chance for cadets and their families to find out what's been happening over the past year, and also to recognise the achievements of the cadets.

A number of awards and promotions were presented to cadets on the evening, including First Class, Leading and Senior Cadet Classifications, First Aid Certificates, and Junior NCO Cource certificates

The evening also included the Annual Awards, where cadets are recognised for special achievements during the year, as well as promotions.  The awards were:

Warrant Officers Award - Sgt Brown

Sports Cadet - Cpl Abley

Adventure Training - Cpl Abley

Shooting Award - F/S Armstrong

Best Junior Cadet - Cdt Baxter

Most Improved Cadet - Cdt Chester

Best Cadet - Sgt Walkinshaw


Those promoted were

Cpl Abley

Cpl Handscombe

Cpl Burrows